Promising digital currencies take off and promise huge fortunes

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Leading cryptocurrencies have been under pressure since hitting all-time highs in April and May. Bitcoin broke through the $65,500 level in mid-April. At the end of last week, the price was below the $42,000 level. Ethereum traded above $4,400 in May, then fell and reached the $2,850 level as of October 1.

Gravity is the driving force, and it has hit the heights that have taken these cryptocurrencies to dizzying heights over the past years. While early investors in Bitcoin and Ethereum may have incurred some losses because they missed out on opportunities, the profits are still unparalleled.

Still, the magnetic allure of wealth earned by those who had the foresight and purchased Bitcoin, Ethereum, and some other leading cryptocurrencies is the reason why the number of new tokens is being launched into the market every day. Therefore, the total number of cryptocurrencies increased from one coin in 2010 and reached 12,350 on October 5.

FOREVERFOMO and GRX are two new cryptocurrencies looking for an opportunity to come under the spotlight. Last week, they were in the hot spotlight after their prices soared.

In search of the next big winners

On October 5, Bitcoin and Ethereum returned to bullish mode, with the leading cryptocurrency trading above $51,000 and Ethereum reaching around $3,500 per token. At press time, both coins are up: BTC is trading at $54,944 while ETH is trading at $3,550.

In 2010, bitcoin was traded for the lowest transaction price of five cents. That is, an investment of $1 in the purchase of 20 tokens became $1.02 million at $51,000 on October 5. The price of Ethereum was $0.7084 in August 2015. That is, an investment of $100 in 2015 is worth approximately $495,000.

Everyone loves a bull market. The desire to find the next instance of Bitcoin or Ethereum drove the prices of the 12,350 asset class coins up. The rising price created a magnetic speculative demand for the emerging tokens.

Inexpensive cryptocurrency has a unique appeal

Having many tokens at a low price compared to one with a high price is six of one bid or a half dozen of another because all that matters is the total value of the investment. However, owning a lot of things is more emotionally satisfying.

Many precious metal lovers prefer silver over gold because they can hold more ounces of silver than gold with the same investment. For example, an investment of $10,000 in gold at $1,760 on October 5 could buy 5.68 ounces. The same investment in silver at $22.65 buys 441.5 ounces, satisfying the passion for a bigger investment.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to search for the next big winner, cryptocurrencies with lower prices allow for large numbers to be held.

Invest only what you can afford to lose

The main risk in the digital currency asset class is the risk of falling off a cliff. Because most of the 12350 tokens could become dust collectors in computer wallets. However, a privileged few will survive and thrive, and some may offer Bitcoin and Ethereum-like profits over the coming months and years.

The only caveat to all cryptocurrency investors, from top to bottom, is to only invest the capital you can afford to lose. Because obtaining incredible profits will be accompanied by - a huge risk.

Two inexpensive cryptocurrencies that have been gaining a lot of attention over the past weeks are ForeverVomo and Graphite.


ForeverVomo has seen significant gains, and ForeverVomo is only two weeks old.

The attractive website states that they are:

 "One of the first unique primary reinstatement contracts with only a 10% tax."

The underlying re-contract is price elastic, so the supply of the circulating token is automatically adjusted (up or down) according to the fluctuations in the price of the token. The number of tokens in the wallet increases or decreases with the value of each token.

ForeverFoomo came on the scene on September 24, 2021, at $0.0000021 per token.

Promising digital currencies take off and promise huge fortunes

As seen on the chart, the price rose to a high of $0.6478.62 on October 6, but the price rally is a mirage as the number of tokens is proportional to the price changes.

With price action, ForeverFoomoo climbed to 3,287 out of 12,350 cryptocurrencies, placing it in the top 26.6% of coins in this asset class.

Graphite GRX height

Garvetex (GRX) is another newcomer in the cryptocurrency market, ranking a bit lower than ForeverFumo.

The GRX website states that it is another flexible icon designed to always move up.

“This revolutionary technology is called the Anti-Gravity Contract. You can hold onto it with confidence as the price is guaranteed to rise every hour until we reach 1,337,000. It is as certain as the mass-to-light equation E = mc2.”

The anti-gravity contract does not apply to the number of coins that fall as the price increases.

Promising digital currencies take off and promise huge fortunes

The chart shows that the anti-gravity contract rose from $0.016 on September 24, 2021, to $26.17, and on October 3 GRX reached the $23.32 level. At press time, it is priced at $24.17. This leading token ranks 3,412, making it among the top 27.6% of this asset class.

Those looking for bulk buys and higher prices are likely to be disappointed with ForeverVomo and GRX because they embody the principle that you can't have it all at the same time.

ForeverVomo and GRX bucked the trend of the rest of the cryptocurrency over the past weeks when the values ​​of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other cryptocurrencies plummeted. However, they are created to always rise to a higher level in all market conditions, but the trick is the number of tokens in an individual's portfolio - this is the critical variable.

Study it carefully when approaching the new cryptocurrency arena, and don't invest a single dollar of capital that you can't afford to lose. The potential for big profits comes with the risk of losing all of your money.

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