BETA token increases over 5000% at time of listing

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The price of BETA cryptocurrency increased by over 5000% at the time of listing on Binance, as the listing price was $ 0.067, reaching $ 5.8.

Previously, the Binance platform announced the subscription of the BETA token, through which BNB holders can get the BETA token and must hold it for 8 days.

BETA is now trading in the $ 3-4 range, with a massive trading volume reaching over $ 45 million within the first 10 minutes of opening the trade.

What is a BETA digital currency?

BETA Cryptocurrency - A protocol for lending, borrowing, and short selling cryptocurrency. Beta Finance has created a short and compact "one-click" tool that allows Defi users to take the other side of trading and deal with volatility, as well as empower anyone, anywhere at any time to create financial markets and unlock new assets.

Beta Finance's mission is to offset volatility and facilitate greater long-term stability, as well as the adoption of the Defi platform by individuals and organizations by building core Defi instruments and infrastructure.

For more information about the BETA digital currency, you can see the following article.

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